Web Enabled Permitting Solutions for Municipalities

Builders Millennium has developed a platform for cities and towns to automate their existing permitting process and workflow through the use of a web-based solution. This allows town hall departments to handle the permit application submittal, acceptance, payment and approval process from start to finish via the web. No additional hardware, software or resources needed.



Our focus is on the ease of use allowing town hall personnel who already have familiarity with the internet to learn to use (and customize) their own system incorporating their existing process they already perform today!


Unique Solutions For Your City or Town

No two municipalities are the same. We believe the technology supporting your day to day operations should reflect the specific needs of your city or town. That's why we offer unique customized solutions.


Our online platform allows your permit filers to easily submit their paperwork over the internet from the comfort of their home, office or even on the job site - no more lines at the front desk, and no more rushing to make it to the town hall before the end of the business day!


Within any city department, specific tools will be used to create and file permits. Some of these tools and processes will be manual and handwritten, while in other cities and towns the permit process may be partially or fully automated- it's completely up to you!


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Easy Implementation & Affordable Solutions

We encourage you to contact us to see the most comprehensive, light weight online permitting solution available on the market. Offer your citizens our ePermit product for free to the city/town or upgrade to ePermitPlus for a small cost today! 


Our products are easily and readily adaptable to your city or towns permit process. We customize the branding and verbiage to create transparency and flow throughout. Your custom permitting solution is online and ready to be utilized at any time - 24x7.