Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does online permitting work?

A. Take a look below at our permitting workflow chart:

Q. What does the permit puller need to pull their permit online?

A. The permit puller will need a printer, form of payment (if required), registration, and contractor license (if applicable)

Q. What kind of permits can our city/town put online?

A. Examples include:

Residential Building Permit
Commercial or Multifamily Building Permit
Supplemental Building Permit
Accessory Dwelling Unit
Clearing & Grading Permit
Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Environmental Impact Statement
Environmental Services 
Fire Permit
Home Occupation Permit
Land Use Approval
Mechanical, Electrical, or Plumbing
Miscellaneous Services - Land Use
Noise (Sound Amplification/Construction Noise)
Pre-application Conference
Predevelopment Services
Right of Way Use Permit
Right of Way Use Permit--Franchise Utilities
Sign Permit

Yard Sale Permit
Temporary Use Permit
Vendor Cart Permit
Side Sewer Connection Permit 
Storm Drainage Connection Permit
Water Service Application
Certificate of Water Availability
Certificate of Sewer Availability
Disconnection of Water/Sewer Service


Q. What does ePermit & ePermitPlus include?

Q. Where can I find more information or get a product demo?

A. Please go to the contact page on this website. There are several ways of getting in touch with us. We will be happy to schedule an immediate appointment to review the features, system requirements, and the process necessary to get your city signed up.

Q. Why doesn't this product require any special hardware or software?

A. Our solution is completely internet based which means that if you have an existing computer that can access the internet, you have all the hardware and software needed to run our system!

Q. What technology do you use?

A. Our products are standards-based using the latest development tools in the market. This means that we do not house any of your data in a proprietary format. This is a risky practice that other vendors allow. Your data will always be available to you on an internet data cloud so you can access it with other programs or custom modules that you decide to adopt in the future. Ask your current vendor if they are willing to do the same - it is in the best interest of your city/town. You will have the option of using SQL Server 2008/2005, or MS-ACCESS if you prefer. If you would rather let us decide for you, we will always steer you toward an enterprise data platform such as SQL Server 2008. We will be happy to discuss other data solutions with you as well, if you have specific needs.

Q. How safe is the data?

A. You have the option of keeping it in a local server in a specific department, or keeping it in a 24x7 always available disaster proof data center. The choice is yours depending on your needs, but security is our number 1 priority and the data center option provides you with more security than any other possible hosting option. Contact us for more details.

Q. Can I use my existing data?

A. You have the option of using your own data. There will be a conversion effort needed, but if it is already in SQL Server or MS-ACCESS, that effort should be minimal. If it is in a proprietary format, you will need to provide some specific details before we can estimate the conversion effort needed. Contact us for more details.