Our exclusive platform for online permitting and inspections is readily available and easily adoptable. This platform utilizes the power of the internet to get work done faster and more efficient at the local city/town level while increasing revenues generated from the permit filer convenience fees. 


Permit filers are eager to use the system and pay a small convenience fee because they will save time and money by not having to travel to the town hall during their work day, waste gas and wait in line! We are here to help you offer your citizens an inexpensive service that they all have been asking for. A win-win for all.

Quick & Easy 3 Step Process

1. Permit puller visits city/town website, selects the correct permit, fills form out, pay and submit.


2. City/Town staff opens custom dashboard, view submitted applications, review and send out approval. 


3. Permit puller receives email notification when permit has been approved.


Take a look!


Features & Benefits

  • User friendly
  • Open for business 24/7, 365 days per year 
  • Free or low cost solution offered to your community 
  • Easy sign up & installation; add new permits anytime 
  • Speed revenue collection and increase your cash flow
  • Reduce phone calls and office traffic 
  • Increase citizen awareness via traffic to the site 
  • Go Green- Reduce paper waste 
  • No software to install
  • Work remotely anywhere you have access to the web
  • Accept payment (Credit/Debit Cards, ACH, E-Check & Mail In)  

Custom Options

  • Citizen enter payment in full or if municipality allows, citizens can enter partial payments
  • Personal City/Town launch page created with custom verbiage and seal or logo
  • A municipal fee may be added to each transaction or each group of transactions to re-coop processing/ mailing costs
  • Allow citizens to view charges in detailed or summarized formats

Add Your Permits to Your City or Town Website Today!

Permits Check List
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Affordable Solutions

Cities and towns are faced with the harsh reality of budget cuts and increased costs. Offering services to the tax payers at a reasonable cost has not been an option until now. We have developed a solution for cities and towns to easily adopt that is paid for by the citizens.

Diverse Payment Options

Credit/ Debit Cards, ACH, E-Check & Mail In


We offer any government agency a unique payment and information solution that keeps government connected with citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Offer your citizens the credit card payment options they have been asking for without the hassle of credit card fees. Our services are safe, simple and secure.